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Water treatment

Closed loop water quality improvement equipment for factory “Circle Cleaner”

Closed loop water quality improvement equipment for factory 'Circle Cleaner'"Circle Cleaner" can aggregate and precipitate inorganic salts (calcium and silica) contained in industrial water. It is an environmentally conscious water quality improvement equipment.

◎Feature◎ By removing inorganic salts in industrial water, it is possible to prevent lowering of heat exchange rate, pipe clogging and corrosion of piping. In addition, it does not use any chemicals and electrodes, so we can reduce running costs.

Ideal for factory wastewater treatment "Ionizing water purification system"

Ideal for factory wastewater treatment Ionizing water purification systemThis is a wastewater treatment system that makes excellent processing capacity by electrolysis and purifies water.

◎Feature◎ It can be applied before, after, and intermediate facilities such as activated sludge method and coagulation presipitation method which are widely used today, and it is especially effective for decolorization by removal of phosphorus, nitrogen and COD, BOD, N-hexane, remval of floating matter, deodorization, sterilization and so on, difficult for biology treatment.

Purifier (magnetic water purifier)
"Twin Force"

Purifier magnetic water purifier Twin Force"Twin Force" is new idea of water treatment equipment applying electromagnetic hydrodynamics.

◎Feature◎ It prevents lowering of thermal efficiency and reduces running cost. Also, by eliminating the cause of the trouble, it helps boiler and temperature controller with high efficiency and long life time.