ECOION, new water quality management without any chemicals, suitable for the coming era

To realize IoT and SDG's,
New water quality management
without any chemicals,
suitable for the coming era

The Ecoion makes agglomerates scale components in circulating water and drains them by an electrolytic reaction using unique electrodes.

It enables chemical-free and automatic water quality management, contributing to cost reduction and the global environment.
Also remote monitor and collect water quality data via WEB environment.

The Ecoion introduction clip

Check the mechanism of the Ecoion and the installation.

If you have the following issue with your cooling tower?

  • the following issue 1Wanted the energy saving of refrigerators and compressors
  • the following issue 2Wanted to cut the chemical costs works and maintenance for water quality management.
  • the following issue 3Wanted to solve the problems of scale, slime and corrosion from the ground up
  • the following issue 4Blowing water to maintain quality, Wanted to reduce the amount of water usage.
  • the following issue 5Wanted to check the water quality in real time, and to reduce access to the site

By the Ecoion, these issue will be solved

Installation image of Ecoion

1:Energy saving
3:Solving scale issue
4:Reducing blow
5:Remote monitoring

Achieve -10% energy saving
by reducing energy loss

Energy Savingfor Industory andInnovation

By introducing Ecoion, the quality of circulating water can be improved and automatically preserved. This reduces impurities such as scale and slime and maintain in heat-exchanger efficiency.

As a result, it also contributes to extending the life long of refrigerators and compressors

Inside the heat exchanger by the conventional management

Inside the heat exchanger by the conventional management

Silica scale adheres and thermal efficiency decreases

Inside the heat exchanger after introducing Ecoion

Inside the heat exchanger after introducing Ecoion

Maintaining a healthy copper tube

No chemicals required! Enabling to control
water quality without chemical injection

For Environment

Went to the site every month to replenish chemicals. analyzed and changed the amount and type of the chemical the next month.
Ecoion does not require any chemicals. Don't worry about chemcals replenishment, storage, and selection.
Since chemicals are not mixed in the blow drainage of the cooling tower, it can also contribute to global environmental conservation.

Comparison table Ecoion and Chemical

ECOION Conventional method
Emission of silica
and inorganic salts

Aggregates and settles and automatically drains to the outside of the system


The concentration will increase because it is forcibly dissolved.

Occurrence of scale ◎

No scale


"If the dissolution limit is exceeded, scale will occur.
Strong acid required for removal

With or without maintenance ○

It only takes about 3 years to replace the electrodes.


Chemicals should be infused once a month.

running cost ○

Electricity bill only


Needs chemicals + electricity bill

It fundamentally solves the problems of scale, slime and

It would be unavoidable to have scale slime, and it was only possible to deal with it by symptomatic treatment (chemicals) that suppresses the speed of generation.

However, since the water quality itself is improved by introducing Ecoion, scale does not occur in the first place. As a result, the usual issues of cooling towers can be solved from the ground up.

Effect of suppressing bacterial growth

Effect of suppressing bacterial growth,before introduction

Before introduction

Effect of suppressing bacterial growth,after introducing Ecoion

After introduction

Effect of suppressing corrosion

Effect of suppressing corrosion,before the introduction of Ecoion

Before introduction

Effect of suppressing corrosion,after introducing Ecoion

After introduction

Reducing blow down of cooling tower

Water Saving

The water quality was controlled by blowing at a concentration multiple of about 3 times, However we succeeded in reducing the amount of water used by about 2/3 or more in one year by using Ecoion..

Changes in water usage (m³)

Changes in water usage

* The amount of reduction depends on the quality of make-up water and circulating water.

Enabling remote operation of
watar quality monitoring ※Option

IoT forcooling system

The daily electrical conductivity and electrolytic current are measured and transmitted to the control room.
This allows you to know the water quality in real time without on-site walk.
Even if you omit it, various alarms enable quick response in the event.
Furthermore, the data can be accumulated, it is easier to make plans such as changing the load factor.

Overview of Remote Monitoring

Overview of Remote Monitoring

Installation Record

Company Watar Cooling Tower Cooling target Issue
Medical device manufacturer Well water 117 t/h Package cooler Cost Reduction
Cold storage City water 150 t/h Refrigerator Cost Reduction, Energy Saving
Metal processing industry City water 60 t/h Firing furnace Slime, Chemical Insident
Heavy industry City water 129 t/h Vacuum furnace Scale adhesion
Steel industry Industrial water 200 t/h Compressor Corrosion, Rust water
Auto parts manufacturer City water 60 t/h Reliability tester Algae growth, clogging of circulation pipe
Auto parts manufacturer Industrial water 150 t/h Electric furnace Poor quality of make-up water (Indonesia)
Machine parts manufacturer Industrial water 150 t/h Electric furnace Poor quality of make-up water (Indonesia)
Milk maker Industrial water 250 t/h Refrigerator Scale adhesion and aiming chemical-free
Paper industry Industrial water 150 t/h Equipment cooling Scale adhesion, water saving
Cold storage City water 330 t/h Refrigerator Poor quality of make-up water in island



Model numberETS-300
Circulation water volume200-300m³/h
Treated water volume15-20L/Min
Power-supply voltageThree-phase 200V
power consumptionUp to 600W
sizeW 1,146×D 715×H 1,103mm
Operating weight350Kg
PriceUS$ 38,000 ~
Excluding Duty, Installation, Transportation and Taxes

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